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Song Of The Day: "New Hobbies" By Fort Lean

Tina May 21, 2015

They say good things come in small packages, and in the case of Fort Lean's "New Hobbies," that sentiment may be true. Taken from the band forthcoming debut LP, Quiet Day, out on June 23, "New Hobbies" is bursting with classic rock guitar and punkish vibes in a little under 2 minutes. It's a happy reminder that the weekend is only a few days away.

EXCLUSIVE: Their Wedding Premieres Acoustic Video For "Hiding"

Tina May 12, 2015

LA indie trio, Their Wedding, are making a name for themselves with their DIY approach - recording, mixing and mastering their material all by themselves. If that doesn't make your heart flutter, the visual below should.

The band has teamed up with Buzznet to premiere an acoustic video for their track, "Hiding," off of their 2013 debut EP, Take. Enjoy below!

Take EP is available now HERE.

Q&A: Up Close With Mackintosh Braun

Tina May 07, 2015

Portland's Mackintosh Braun have been making exceptionally steller synthrock since 2007. The worst part? I just found out. The good part? A new catalog to dive into. The duo, consisting of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun, are getting ready to release their third studio album, Arcadia, in the coming months. Below you'll find a fun Q&A with the band and a taste of the ridiculously perfect single, "We Ran Faster Then."

Introduce yourselves to the world! Any tidbits you want to share about yourselves?

- Ian: Hello world! we're a band from beautiful Portland, OR, we have our new album Arcadia out very soon, and we're excited for you all to hear it!

Give us some insight into your band name.

- Ben: The name sometimes confuses people but it's actually pretty simple. Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun = Mackintosh Braun. We thought about different names but that one seemed to fit and eventually stuck.

I've always been intrigued with the idea of Portland. What's the music scene like over there?

- Ian: The music scene is vast in Portland, bands are trying all sorts of stuff here so it's nice to be involved.

Ben: Yeah, we love Portland as a city but also because it helps inspire our music and brings a special quality out in it.

You both started writing and recording the day you met. Tell us what the dynamic between the both of you was like at that time.

- Ben: Oh man, it was pretty crazy. We met and went down into Ian's basement studio at the time and he started playing me a few things. We just started shooting ideas back and forth freely, as if we'd been writing forever. It was a fluid process and the music that came from that initial year of writing was something very organic in my opinion.

Ian: It seemed to me like we'd always been best friends, It just came naturally and we both knew right away that we had a similar view for where we wanted to take our music. It just clicked.

Arcadia is your third studio release, and not gonna lie, I'm kicking myself for not discovering you guys sooner. How has the band as a whole evolved from your first release in 2007?

- Ben: We've always tried to write what we like and hope that other people gravitate towards it, we've always done that, and I think with growth comes change and we've tried to evolve musically along the way.

And finally, because we're nosy, what are your top five tracks at the moment?

- Ian:

Breakbot - "Baby I'm Yours"

Simon & Garfunkel - "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard"

Tame Impala - "I'm a Man"

Panda Bear - "Mr. Noah"

Neon Indian - "Polish Girl"


Mew - "Satelites"

Roosevelt - "Night Moves"

Ratatat - "Cream on Chrome"

Chromatics - "I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around"

TV on the Radio - "Careful You"

Artist To Buzz About Spring '15: Munroe

Tina May 06, 2015

Somehow in between filming ABC’s Resurrection and living in Los Angeles, Kathleen Munroe was able to record seven original tracks that are sure to bring on the Best Coast meets Mazzy Star feels. Munroe features instrumentals from friends and collaborators such as Noah Fralick of Young Rival, Ben Munoz of New Hands, Julie Fader of Etiquette, Billy Holmes of Dark Mean, and Steve McKay of YerYard.

The intangible video for “Summer” is a gorgeous one that I think you guys will fall for, which at first glance may resemble a classy, brooding H&M ad. Her self-titled EP will be available May 12.

Check out “Summer” below:

Lorde Hints At Sophomore LP, Shares Love Affair with Music

Tina May 05, 2015

If it seems that queen of edge, Lorde, has somewhat disappeared from the scene after her 2014 hit, “Yellow Flicker Beat” blew up for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I, you weren’t imagining things. The 18 year-old New Zealand native took a few months off at the beginning of 2015 for some well-deserved R&R and to reflect on the past couple of years with a fresh perspective.

After the release of her 2013 debut LP, Pure Heroine, its been nx for Lorde, who has been reportedly in the studio working on her highly anticipated sophomore effort - one I can pretty much predict will not be another sad story of a so-called “sophomore slump.”

The singer finally took to her semi-abandoned Tumblr page to give fans a little update and of course, in true Lorde fashion, tell a story about a moment she had in the studio with some friends. You can read the full post here but I just wanted to highlight a snippet of her personal story on music, referencing Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own,” and how, like so many of us, it develops into a serious relationship we don’t ever want to break away from.

“this song, to me, is perfect. it’s happy and sad, fiery and independent but vulnerable and small, joyous even when a heart is breaking. every line is perfect, how that second verse (“stilettos and broken bottles / i’m spinning around in circles”) stumbles perfectly into that bridge (”the lights go on, the music dies / …i just came to say goodbye”), and final chorus. it’s just perfect. we put it on right there in the studio, and i was up out of my seat dancing with my eyes screwed shut, and my hands up around my ears, and we looked into each other’s eyes and sang the words, and i could feel something hot and teary in the back of my throat just from FEELING so much at once. and i think it was then when i realized i’m going to be in love with music for the rest of my life. it’s going to be the most important friendship i’ll ever have. i’ll never, ever leave it alone, because you can’t leave alone something like that, something that makes you weep alone on aeroplanes or jolts you out of a chair and shatters your face with a big toothy smile. i think that’s a cool, intense revelation to have, going into your second record. first records are like meeting someone and feeling that need to do everything, just in case for whatever reason, you run out of time, or they stop feeling the same way as you. i feel much calmer, more comfortable in my love of doing this, and its apparent love of me, this time around.”

Artist To Buzz About Spring '15: AURORA

Tina Apr 30, 2015

Influenced by nature and all of the beauty that comes along with it, 18 year-old Norway native, AURORA, is making a name for herself in the music realm with her gorgeous vocals and earthly aesthetic. Current single, "Running With The Wolves," off of her upcoming EP of the same name, is making a huge splash within the blogosphere. It kind of reminds me of when Florence and the Machine were just starting out. Hop on the bandwagon now, folks! It's going to be an interesting ride.

Running With The Wolves EP will be available May 5.

Song Of The Day: "Come Unwound" by The Bulls (White Sea Remix)

Tina Apr 24, 2015

White Sea has some killer remixes on her roster, including Lorde's "Team" and The Weeknd's "Often." The Bulls are the next new artist to make that list with a chilling rendition of smash single, "Come Unwound" and boy, is it a treat!

Check out the White Sea remix of "Come Unwound" below:

WATCH: Bad Suns Release Video for "We Move Like The Ocean"

Tina Apr 23, 2015

Bad Suns' debut album, Language & Perspective, has been on constant rotation ever since its release last summer. The Woodland Hills, CA natives have been blowing up over the past year with singles like "Cardiac Arrest," "Transpose," and the ever-catchy "Salt." Now, the band has finally released a video for my favorite track, "We Move Like The Ocean."

The video takes on a rather nostalgic approach, mirroring on vintage home movies from the late 80's, early 90's at the beach. "Just coasting" indeed.

Check out the video for "We Move Like The Ocean" below:

Language & Perspective is available now HERE.

From The Indie Vault: MUNE

Tina Apr 21, 2015

MUNE - For fans of: Crescendo, Fiancé, Interpol

Toronto sextet Mune are gearing up to release their debut album, Falling Through, on June 2 via Culvert Music. First single, "Khazé," is full of lush atmospheres, floating melodies and dark textures.

Written about the experience of returning to Montreal for the first time since spending a memorable weekend there with a significant other, the track tells the tale of the relationship's collapse and written as a conversation with the ghost of that memory.

Listen to "Khazé" below:

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Buzznet Exclusive: Bird Courage Premiere Video For "Channels"

Tina Apr 20, 2015

Brooklyn based indie/folk duo, Bird Courage, are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: music. Comprised of Erik Meier and Samuel Saffery, their following is spreading quickly and are definitely a band to watch in 2015.

They have a rather interesting story, meeting on the NYC subway, seperately playing their hearts out to commuters. Instead of competing, they teamed up and started creating music together. If that doesn't warm your heart, go away.

Bird Courage have teamed up with BUZZNET to bring you their first official music video for "Channels," directed, filmed and edited by Cody Swanson. Check it out below.

"Channels takes a breath from what is creating for self, creating for share, and ultimately for a life. The song discovers and questions the ebbs and flows and the endless efforts put forward to sustain a portion of a life."

  "The accompanied short follows a subject through a creative process. The subconscious and memory are projected through multiple settings as we follow her through her own spaces and see glimpses of collected pieces of her past. While the physical project is being completed, these pieces are all revealed on display in a white room in the physical world, only to vanish as we see the subject place her world on a canvas in front of her."

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