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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Bestfriends Perform 'When The Lights' Live In-Studio!

Tina 8 mins ago

Chicago electro-soul duo, Bestfriends, just released their Refine EP back in April. Now, the duo are setting their sights on second single, "When The Lights," and Buzznet has your exclusive look at their live in-studio performance of the song!

Check out "When The Lights" below:

Refine is available now HERE.


LISTEN: Stream The Tins' New EP, 'Young Blame'

Tina 18 hrs ago

Buffalo indie trio, The Tins, have released their anticipated Young Blame EP today! It's only a matter of time before we hear lead single, "Let It Go," just about everywhere. The band even filmed a mini documentary about the writing and recording process. Check it out HERE!

Stream Young Blame in all it's glory below:

Young Blame is available now HERE.


LISTEN: Resistor Takes On 'Twin Peaks' Theme with a Synthy Twist

Tina Jul 29, 2014

You may remember Resistor from their hilarious "Narcissist" video. Now, in honor of the release of the blu-ray edition of Twin Peaks, they've decided to record a new version of the show's classic theme, "Falling" with a lovely synthpop twist!

Take a listen below:

From The Indie Vault: Mother Leads

Tina Jul 28, 2014

Mother Leads - For fans of: Foo Fighters, Earshot, Shinedown


What the world needs now, besides love, is good ol' rock n' roll...with a 90's vibe- at least that was my first impression upon hearing Ajax, Ontario's Mother Leads. I was brought back to my younger years, watching old Soundgarden and Nirvana videos on MTV, along with the fierceness of the Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age.

Mother Leads are getting ready to release their debut full length, Myriad on Voodoo Records. Check out their video for second single, "It's A Feeling," below:

Myriad will be available August 23.


Official / Facebook / Twitter



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Song Of The Day: "Flytrap" by YAWN

Tina Jul 28, 2014

It's Monday and I'm sure a lot of you have the blues and are 'yawning' through your day. What better way to kickstart your week than by listening to a brand new track from a hot up-and-coming band?

Chicago's YAWN just released their new song, "Flytrap," from their upcoming album, Love Chills. Fans of Tame Impala and MGMT will appreciate YAWN's infectious psychedelic pop hooks and trippy nostaglia.

Take a listen to "Flytrap" below:

Love Chills will be available September 9.


Listen To Bearstronaut's Synthical Remix of St. Lucia's "The Way You Remember Me"

Tina Jul 23, 2014

synthical - a blissful mixture of synth and tropical elements blended together to give you good feels.

No, "synthical" is not a word. But I just made it up. So there.

If there's one thing I'm sure you all know about me its that I love my synth. There really is no better feeling than listening to a track full of heavenly synths caressing your ears - so once I heard that Boston synthpop band, Bearstronaut, remixed St. Lucia's "The Way You Remember Me," I just HAD to share! This track is so good I'm crying. Perfect for your summer playlists! ;)

Check it out below:

The original version of "The Way You Remember Me" is available on St. Lucia's debut album, When The Night, HERE!

Check out Bearstronaut's music HERE!


From The Indie Vault: The Tallest Tree

Tina Jul 23, 2014

The Tallest Tree - For fans of: The Colourist, Family of The Year, In The Valley Below

The Tallest Tree are an indie rock duo from Dundas, Ontario, Canada and their formation was quite romantic. After singer Dawn saw guitarist/singer Armando play with his band, The Oats, in Canada, they fell in love. Now, the couple are married and get to write songs together! What a dream!

Their DIY philosophy reeled me in from the get-go, encompassing my intended mission with From The Indie Vault that I just HAD to give them a spotlight! Taken from their official website:

"We believe the music business has gotten twisted and crooked and weird.

There is wonderful music out there, but a big percentage of it isn't signed or promoted by the big guys. Support independent music.

The Tallest Tree feels that people in a position to give should help people that aren't, and thats why a part of our merchandise sales goes to charity."

The band just released their first single, "Boat," (with guest vocals by Marra Koren) this month and I'm hoping it catches on in the blogosphere! With everything you would want in an indie jam, "Boat" is only just the beginning for this duo.

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LIGHTS Announces New Album, 'Little Machines'

Tina Jul 22, 2014

Our favorite Canadian synth babe, LIGHTS, has finally announced details of her next studio album today after basically teasing us for the past ten days on social media! Well played, Lights.

Little Machines will be released on September 23 and will feature newly unveiled single, "Up We Go." This is LIGHTS' follow up to her 2011 sophomore monster, Siberia. Needless to say, I am literally shaking with excitement!

Check out the album art and tracklisting to Little Machines below. Then eat your little heart out with new single, "Up We Go" available now HERE!

1. Portal

2. Running With the Boys

3. Up We Go

4. Same Sea

5. Speeding

6. Muscle Memory

7. Oil and Water

8. Slow Down

9. Meteorites

10. How We Do It

11. Don't Go Home Without Me

12. Child (Bonus Track)

13. Lucky Ones (Bonus Track)

14. From All Sides (Bonus Track)


Pre-order Little Machines on iTunes HERE!

For all upcoming Little Machines Tour dates go HERE.


Song Of The Day: "Everything Is Sentimental" by Drab Majesty

Tina Jul 18, 2014

LA based Drab Majesty has released a special live video of "Everything Is Sentimental" this week. If you're into the whole magical gothy shoegazey thing (and why wouldn't you be?), then you're going to love this!

Check out "Everything Is Sentimental" below:


From The Indie Vault: Goodnight, Sunrise

Tina Jul 17, 2014

Goodnight, Sunrise - For fans of: Queens of The Stone Age, The Black Keys, Jane's Addiction

Goodnight, Sunrise are a three-piece indie rock/pop band from Toronto consisting of David Kochberg (guitars, vox), Vanessa Vakharia (keys, vox) and Paul Weaver (drums). With influences from Metric to Queens of The Stone Age to Lady Gaga, you're in for a sweet taste of variety and good times, or as their Facebook description states, "a birthday party in a band."

Take a listen to "Gold Star" below:

"Gold Star" is taken from the band's recent split-single, D/V 2: Bridgeburner, which showcases songs by David and Vanessa individually, available now HERE!


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