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Band To Buzz About Fall '14: Rush Midnight

Tina 20 hrs ago

I had the opportunity to catch Brooklyn's Rush Midnight open up for LIGHTS the other night at Irving Plaza and let's just say I was very impressed. Former bass player of Twin Shadow, Rush Midnight's Russ Manning has toured with the likes of Savoir Adore and St. Lucia to name a few and just released his self-titled debut album this past spring. Pure synthpop goodness!

Once I heard "Fix Me Up," I was hooked. Take a listen below:

Rush Midnight is available now HERE.


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LIGHTS Dazzles at New York's Irving Plaza

Tina Oct 29, 2014

When you’re a music geek like me, experiencing live music isn’t just “seeing a show,” it’s more like a therapy session. As much as I try to forget about certain things while I’m in the crowd, for some reason, everything becomes more clearer once you hear a song live. If you’re looking for a Rolling Stone-esque show review, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s about to get personal…which is what music is supposed to be.

I had the honor of seeing LIGHTS tonight at New York's Irving Plaza for the second time in honor of her Little Machines tour and needless to say, I was completely blown away. I needed this, especially tonight, on the eve of the four year anniversary of my freedom. Four years ago, on October 30, I was set free from a relationship that was killing my spirit. It was from then on that I truly began my journey in life. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not still a bit scarred from hurtful things that were said to me during that relationship, but the healing process takes time. Fortunately, I have music to get me through it.

Something happened in me tonight that I’ve been waiting for. During “Drive My Soul,” I felt some of the chains on my heart start to break away. “Drive My Soul” is a song I used to literally hurt listening to. While this relationship wasn’t good for me, I was scared to let it go, afraid of what would become of me. The lyrics, “When you’re gone will I lose control? You’re the only road I know,” used to hit me so hard that I think the only reason I stayed in it so long was because of the fear of losing control. I wasn’t sure who I was then, but now, clarity is a sweet feeling. I started thinking about how wonderful it is to be free right in this moment and I think I let go of a lot of excess baggage that I just couldn’t seem to shake off. It's about time.

I’ll be honest, the night didn’t start off too well. But once opening band, Rush Midnight, (more on them soon!) hit the stage, I was reminded why I love music so much. I love discovering new bands and sharing them right here with you guys to devour. There are days where I honestly don’t feel like I am cut out for this. I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of girl, and having so much access to so many things is a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the not-so-great aspects of the music industry.

LIGHTS will forever be on my list of favorite people because of what she stands for. It’s hard for me to identify with my peers. LIGHTS feels like my confidant. Her music knows me as well as I know it. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to truly absorb her debut, The Listening, when it was released in 2009. I eventually went back to it after Siberia (which is my jam) was released in 2011. Her songwriting style is unlike any other and on her recent release, Little Machines, she captures the essence of childhood beautifully and, of course, nostalgically. Hearing these new songs come to life felt like I was being given the prize of the year, and I will never forget how they made me feel tonight.

Mid-set, she mentioned how she has been feeling very tired and run down lately, but the crowd awakened her. If only she knew her impact on so many of us standing in that crowd tonight. She may be only one year older than me but I hope to be half the woman she is one day.

On to the fun stuff! Hearing “Siberia” and “Flux and Flow” was even better than the first time. “Flux and Flow” is one of those anthemic tracks that you can put on after a long battle while celebrating how you “bend without breaking.”


Kinda went nuts during "Siberia." Sorry to whoever was in my path. 😜

A video posted by Tina (@tinaroum) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:00pm PDT

"Portal" was a special one. I’ve been finding that if I listen to it while writing, I can pinpoint all of my confusion from this past year more clearly. Hearing it live just made it more real, and I’m proud of myself for getting through all of that. "Speeding," with it’s luscious synths and fleeting guitar, was like a jolt of well-deserved empowerment. The notion of having all the power while moving on from something not meant for you is exactly the kind of year I’ve been having.

Of course what would my night be without some divine intervention? “Timing Is Everything” was unexpectedly played tonight and my heart was delighted at how, well, timing really is everything. Hearing it live was just a friendly reminder of all that’s to come.

Encores are always bittersweet. “Up We Go,” which I now deem Anthem For the Jaded of 2014, with lyrics like, “It’s been a long time of this, something has got to give. It’s been a hard year and I only know from down this low it’s only up we go.” There wasn’t a silent member in the crowd. I knew from the moment I heard this song back in July that it would not only be an anthem, but appreciated so well within the LIGHTS community.


Last one I swear. #fluxandflow 😻

A video posted by Tina (@tinaroum) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:44pm PDT

Ending the night with a Little Machines favorite, “Oil and Water” brought me right back to the first time I heard this song and found a way to relate it to a certain situation. I know I say this a lot, but never underestimate the power of a song…and a good drum loop.

So just like that, in the span of an hour and five minutes, my entire day and life got turned around. Her name is LIGHTS for a reason. The song is the catalyst - the rest is up to us.

"The world in the rearview mirror doesn’t shake me. I haven’t looked back there lately."


Muscle Memory / Toes / How We Do It / My Boots / Siberia / Running With the Boys / The Last Thing On Your Mind / Portal / Drive My Soul / Don't Go Home Without Me / Speeding / Flux and Flow / Banner / Timing Is Everything / Same Sea  


Up We Go / Oil and Water  

Catch LIGHTS on the Little Machines tour in a city near you! Tickets/dates HERE.

From The Indie Vault: Christian Punk Band

Tina Oct 29, 2014

Christian Punk Band - For fans of: Weezer, The 1975, Pixies

When Toronto's Christian Punk Band first approached me, I honestly thought they were, well, a Christian punk band. But the band doesn't exist without satirical intent.

Comprised of Christian Turner, Jeff Takahashi and Jon Lubanski, the band's fuzzy rock single "Superdown," from their forthcoming EP, hints at the rat race of the music industry among artists. "Pick up that guitar and sing a little more."

Check out "Superdown" below:

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Haerts Delight with Their Self-Titled Debut

Tina Oct 28, 2014

I have never been more proud to live in Brooklyn than I do right now. We have some of the best breakout bands making their way through the noise of the music industry and it’s about time!

Haerts effortlessly stole our hearts, pun intended, with their hit, “Wings,” back in 2012. Since then, the four-piece have escaped utter obscurity with major blog press, along with their debut EP Hemiplegia, which took the reins and really set these masterminds on the right path. This week, they finally released their self-titled debut LP – a collection of 10 beautifully crafted tracks that I have no doubt will be staples in hearts for years to come.

The modern day Fleetwood Mac comparisons aren’t, well, fleeting, to say the least. But it’s a comparison to be proud of. While vocalist Nini Fabi may mirror Stevie Nicks’ signature, there’s definitely something different about Fabi’s style that all generations can appreciate. Produced by St. Lucia’s Jean-Philip Grobler, Haerts displays scintillating synth and powerful prose to form a fantastic debut from start to finish. I was overcome with just about every emotion and I can't wait to experience it again.

I can easily see this album existing in decades past and doing just as well. Listen to key tracks, “Heart,” “Call My Name,” "Be The One," and personal favorite, “Lights Out” for the ultimate Haerts experience.

Haerts is available now HERE.


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BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Stream Bakaric's 'The Reign Of The New Me Pt. 1' EP!

Tina Oct 28, 2014

Detroit's Jon-Paul Bakaric has paid his dues. He previously provided vocals and guitar for bands such as The Boys of Summer, That Was Something and Strange Vacation. Now, Bakaric is using his last name in his first ever solo project. His debut EP, The Reign Of The New Me Pt.1, focuses on a journey of emotional and spiritual transformation - and of course, coming of age.

With an impressive list of influences like Gypsy & The Cat, The 1975, Coldplay and Muse, Bakaric effortlessly won me over with his vocal range and undeniable talent.

First track, "We Are The Scene" gives you a sense of what's to come with an urgency so fierce it's only natural to keep listening.

Buzznet has your exclusive first listen to The Reign Of The New Me Pt. 1 before it drops next week!

Listen below:

The Reign Of The New Me Pt. 1 will be available November 4.


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Album Review: Taylor Swift's '1989'

Tina Oct 27, 2014

Every two years, Taylor Swift graces us with a brand new album, and her newly released pop masterpiece, 1989, is a tour de force of unexpected pop magic. At one point during my first listen I had to pause and revel in the fact that Swift has taken so many fearless leaps when it comes to her music. She could have made another country/pop album, but we already have four of those. It is officially Swift season!

1989 is a sparkling fifth release that I've been anticipating since she announced the album this past summer. Lead single, "Shake It Off," is only a juicy tidbit of what this album is made of - sass, class, depth, maturity and overall empowerment. I think TIME delivered it perfectly, stating, "Who are these songs about? When they sound this good, who cares?"

The album opens up with the high energy Ryan Tedder-tinged "Welcome To New York." A track I personally feel, with my nineteen years of being a New Yorker, is a happy welcome from the every day scenes of my own personal New York experience. There's some sexy synth action going on in this one. I highly approve! It's kind of eye-opening to see your city through the eyes of others, especially Swift. I wonder if she's ridden the subway yet...

One sentiment that kept running through my mind during the entire album was "holy @#$%!!" To say I wasn't expecting the glorious sounds that came out of my speakers today would be the understatement of the year. "Blank Space" had me on my toes, and I'm pretty sure my heart matched every beat. "Style," "Bad Blood," and "This Love" all represent change - beautiful, ever-glowing, vibrant change. The good kind of change that we all go through. Transitioning into who you truly are is the most attractive quality on a person and Swift wears it well.

Personal favorite and album closer, "Clean," is one of those songs that you can use as a guide for getting back on your feet. Imogen Heap adds her brilliant touch to this one so elegantly. It's everything every last track on an album should strive to be: haunting and empowering with a touch of remorse and urgency.

I knew she had it in her and I'm excited that it's finally come out. 1989 is an album of impressive well-crafted pop anthems that we'll be dancing and crying to for generations to come.

"It's like I've got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright."

1989 is available now!


Band To Buzz About Fall '14: Night Lights

Tina Oct 24, 2014

Night Lights are a Boston five-piece, with members hailing from Mexico, Norway, Japan, Texas and California, that specialize in eclectic indiepop/rock and good feels. They just released their debut EP, Here We Come, this summer and the video for lead single, "Make Me Smile," had me grinning pretty fiercely myself. Fans of The 1975, Walk The Moon and Two Door Cinema Club are going to eat these guys up.

Check out the video for "Make Me Smile" below:

Here We Come is available now HERE.


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Artist To Buzz About Fall '14: Zella Day

Tina Oct 23, 2014

If you happened to download the current Single of the Week on iTunes, you might already be obsessed with Zella Day. Called the "happier Lana Del Rey," this Arizona native, who now resides in Los Angeles, incorporates her simplistic roots and blends them with the eclectic sounds of the West Coast to form a new pop sound that would indeed make Del Rey question her brooding. Her self-titled debut EP is only a taste of what's to come.

Check out "Hypnotic" below:

Get "Hypnotic" for FREE this week only on iTunes HERE!

Grab Zella Day's self-titled debut EP HERE!


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Have any suggestions for Bands To Buzz About this fall? Let me know in the comments below!


Song Of The Day: "Seperate You" by TWICEYOUNG

Tina Oct 23, 2014

Nashville's TWICEYOUNG have shared their new single, "Seperate You," off of their upcoming sophomore EP, Prefer You this week. If you enjoyed "Uncover," you're going to go nuts for this one!

Check out "Seperate You" below:

Prefer You will be available November 11.


From The Indie Vault: Rachel Mallin

Tina Oct 22, 2014

Rachel Mallin - For fans of: DWNTWN, Lorde, Kye Kye

Kansas City, MO's Rachel Mallin is a self-produced indiepop singer/songwriter that describes her music in four words: "It's eccentric. It's electric." She just released her debut EP, The Persistence of Vision, this fall and if her powerful single, "Razorback," is any indication, we'll be hearing a lot more from her very soon.

Check out the video for "Razorback" below:

The Persistence of Vision is available now HERE.


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