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LISTEN: Brain Tan Covers "Style" by Taylor Swift

Tina Apr 17, 2015

Brooklyn's Brain Tan (formerly known as Future Screens) is quite the enigma. However, this cover of Taylor Swift's "Style" truly captures '1989' in a way that should have been originally crafted by Swift herself. Let's all try to make sure she hears this one.

Check out the synthtastic cover of "Style" below:

Song Of The Day: "This Is The Time" By Ancient River

Tina Apr 16, 2015

The weather in NYC has put me in nothing but prime spring chillout mode. Today's Song of the Day shall contribute to that.

Ancient River just released their new LP, Keeper Of The Dawn, this week and new track, "This Is The Time" is a psych-rock dream. The band will be embarking on a massive US tour this May. See all dates here.

Check out "This Is The Time" below:


You Gotta Hear This: "Across The Map" By WAVE & ROME

Tina Apr 14, 2015

A little taste of bliss was delivered to my inbox yesterday afternoon and I am so excited to share this with you guys!

Nashville's WAVE & ROME have unveiled their debut single, "Across The Map," today via UNSECRET Music. WAVE & ROME, led by Sam Tinnesz, is the result of a three year collaboration with co-writer/co-producer Josh Farro (Farro, Paramore). After the initial stages of writing and recording, Tinnesz and Farro chose to take the material in different directions. The five tracks that Tinnesz brought from the collaboration were then further developed and produced by Matt Bronleewe and mixed by Chad Howat. These songs will make up WAVE & ROME'S debut Across The Map EP, due out summer 2015.

Check out "Across The Map" below, featured as a NoiseTrade exclusive!

Get "Across The Map" for FREE HERE.

Out everywhere May 5.


WATCH: Penicillin Baby Share Video For "Stick It Out"

Tina Apr 13, 2015

Once I heard Nashville's Penicillin Baby's "Stick It Out" last month, I was HOOKED. Now, the band has revealed the music video for the track, and needless to say, it's pretty trippy.

Enjoy and check out the video for "Stick It Out" below:

WATCH: Friday Night Trend Share Video for "Wasted Youth"

Tina Apr 10, 2015

Happy Friday! Here's a concept I've been pondering for years. Pop/rock's Friday Night Trend have rolled out a video for new single, "Wasted Youth." If you're currently a twenty-something dwelling on your current state, as most of us are, this one will hit you right in the feels. Who wouldn't want to run through their city and treat yourself to a nice chocolate milk afterwards? OK may not the running part...

Singer Reid Soper had this to say about the video:

"We're looking forward to the coming summer after a long and brutal winter here in Toronto, Canada. This new song is the perfect soundtrack to uninhibited summer nights and a promising sign of things to come. Running, biking, or walking, while the party never stops...Bellwoods Park, Bayfront, streetcars, College Street, Queen Street, all of the neighbourhoods and underpasses...through what seems like the entirety of the city."  

Check out "Wasted Youth" below:

"Wasted Youth" is available now HERE.    


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Sail Into The Sun: A Tribute To Gentlemen Hall  

LISTEN: Redlands Share New Track, "Adventurer"  


LISTEN: Redlands Share New Track, "Adventurer"

Tina Apr 09, 2015

Denver indie rock band, Redlands, have premiered a brand new track, "Adventurer," from their forthcoming sophomore EP of the same name out on July 14. Co-written by Sean and Alex Silverman of This Century, the EP is a surefire way to catapult Redlands into a new dimension.

"Adventurer" is dedicated to Redlands bassist Chase Martinez and his wife Brenna whom he lost in a motorcycle accident on March 28 of this year.

Check out "Adventurer" below:

Adventurer will be available July 14.


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Music Spotlight: Fall In Love with Redlands' New Single "Hollow Bodies"



Artist To Buzz About Spring '15: Alison Wonderland

Tina Apr 09, 2015

Sydney-based DJ, Alison Wonderland, is ready for her US takeover. Her debut album, Run, was just released in the states this week and the singer/DJ is getting ready for a much-anticipated appearance at this year’s Coachella.

Making her mark in the realm of EDM with tracks like “Cold,” “I Want U,” “Run,” and duet with Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne in “U Don’t Know,” the horizon looks pretty bright for this young up-and-comer.

Next stop? Wonderland. Duh.

Check out the video for "U Don't Know" below featuring (yes, that's McLovin) Christopher Mintz-Plasse:

Run is available now HERE.



Sail Into The Sun: A Tribute to Gentlemen Hall

Tina Apr 08, 2015

Boston synthpop band, Gentlemen Hall, have called it quits. In a somber yet rather refreshing handwritten note, posted to the band's Facebook page, the band informed fans of the split and announced a new endeavour to look out for, Tribe Society.

Personally, the split comes to no surprise. Singer Cobi Mike left in 2014 to pursue a solo career and the band has been rather quiet since. Though it is always saddening to see a band with so much success and potential call it quits so abruptly, it's also inspiring to see them move on to other projects.

I've been a huge supporter of Gentlemen Hall ever since I saw them perform at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Since then, they've conquered the indie music scene with TV spots in ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, The CW's 90210 and a Target commercial.

The band has played a huge part in my success here at BUZZNET, being my very first Artist Of The Month back in 2012, and for just being one of those bands you get happy goosebumps just writing about. I even got the opportunity to interview the Gents for BUZZNET's Emerging Talent Month back in 2013.

I've put together a little tribute of the best of Gentlemen Hall. Thanks for the memories, guys! Here's to a new beginning. :)

"Sail Into The Sun" was THE song that put GH on everyone's radar.

This Kendrick Lamar cover is EPIC!

"All Our Love" created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.

My personal favorite. ♥

Stay tuned for more on Tribe Society at the band's Facebook and Soundcloud pages.



Buzznet Exclusive: BoyMeetsWorld Reveals Album Details

Tina Apr 07, 2015

BoyMeetsWorld is exclusively revealing their upcoming debut full-length details here with BUZZNET! Their new album, Become Someone, will be released early this summer on June 16th! Following the release, they'll be hitting the road on the entire Vans Warped Tour performing all summer long. The boys had this to say about the release:

"We're extremely stoked on this album and everything that went into it. We created something we're very proud about, and I know a lot of people will enjoy it. There's a huge variety on this album which I think is always a goal of an artist. With putting out this album right before we hit the Vans Warped Tour all summer, I think the amount of potential we have have is big -- we have a huge opportunity to gain countless fans across the nation, and we're going to give everything in our power to make that happen."

BoyMeetsWorld will be playing their big hometown Album Release Show and Warped Tour Send-Off Party at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH, Friday, June 12th and will be performing live daily on the Ernie Ball Stage at this summer's Warped Tour.

Check out the Become Someone album art and tracklist below:

1. Feel It In the Air

2. So In What?

3. Rest Of Our Days

4. Moving On

5. Best You've Ever Had

6. Where This Road Leads

7. You I Belong To

8. Interlude

9. Still I Think

10. All Or Nothing

11. Become Someone

12. So In What? (Acoustic Bonus Track)



Cobi Mike Releases New Track: "First Snow"

Tina Apr 06, 2015

They say nothing good lasts forever, but in Cobi Mike's case, things only get better from here. Formerly the lead singer/songwriter of Boston's Gentlemen Hall, (and don't think I didn't shed a tear about this) Cobi Mike decided to part ways from the band to rediscover his voice and share his personal message.

The singer's upcoming EP features a collection of heartfelt and authentic tracks with an emotional rawness only found through trials and experience. First single, "Walking Through Fire" [STREAM HERE] hit #1 on the Hype Machine Twitter chart while new track, "First Snow," depicts the singer's current state, describing a yearning to escape and the profound experience of a wondering heart looking for change.

Check out "First Snow" below:

"First Snow" is available now HERE.


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