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New Music Monday: "Sensitive Boys" By Coeds

Tina Mar 30, 2015

I've had indie pop duo Coeds' "Sensitive Boys" on a loop all morning. Comprised of Merideth Muñoz and Ryan Kailath, the duo started making music together in the summer of 2013. "Sensitive Boys" is the A-side and title track of an upcoming debut 7" that will be released on Old Flame Records May 19.

Check out "Sensitive Boys" below:

Song Of The Day: "Sundays" by Val Son

Tina Mar 29, 2015

There really can't be a better track to zone out to on a Sunday afternoon than Val Son's "Sundays." Though this is Michael Gunvalson's first solo project, he's no stranger to the music scene, drumming for bands like On and On, Sleep Study & more.

Sit back, relax and check out "Sundays" below on this lovely Sunday.

Song Of The Day: "Bees" by Smoke Season

Tina Mar 27, 2015

Here's something to BUZZ about!

Smoke Season have released their new single, "Bees," this week in honor of singer Gabrielle Wortman's birthday. The LA duo have come a long way since their previous EPs and it feels like they've come into their own with this track. Scintillating guitars give way to chilling synths and the ever-powerful force of Wortman and Jason Rosen's combining vocals make this a track you'll be buzzing about all spring.

Check out "Bees" below:

"Bees" is available now HERE.


WATCH: Karmin Release New Video, "Along The Road"

Tina Mar 26, 2015

Pop duo Karmin have released a new video for their current single, "Along The Road." This is the duo's first major release since parting ways with Epic Records.

Both the song and video were stripped down and recorded in one take and the wall of shoes have been donated to NYC's St. Mary's Hospital for Children and the homeless.

Check out "Along The Road" below:

"Along The Road" is available now HERE.




Artist To Buzz About Spring '15: Young Brother

Tina Mar 26, 2015

Young Brother is the solo project of Nashville-based artist Dalton Diehl. Though Young Brother is a new project, Diehl has spent previous years signed to EMI Records while touring the country, so the opportunity to start over and reinvent oneself is a blessing.

An EP is set to be released this spring and lead single, "Kamikaze," is a surefire way to break into the electropop scene. Think Strange Talk meets Smallpools. Are you intrigued yet? Press play!

Check out "Kamikaze" below:

"Kamikaze" is available now HERE.


Who should we be buzzing about this spring? Let us know in the comments below!


You Gotta Hear This: Twin Limb Delight with "Long Shadow"

Tina Mar 25, 2015

Louisville's Twin Limb have been garnering a lot of well-deserved attention lately, especially at this year's SXSW. The band's breakout (and only) single, "Long Shadow," brings on all the feels that you'll be hopping on this bandwagon in seconds. Think Florence and the Machine meets Lorde.

Check out "Long Shadow" below:


LISTEN: Olin & The Moon Share New Single, "Solitary Hill"

Tina Mar 25, 2015

LA's Olin & The Moon are a breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of some classic west coast Americana, the five-piece formed in 2006 and have self-produced their upcoming album, Every One You Know, out on April 14. Gotta love the DIY aspect!

Check out "Solitary Hill" below:


Song Of The Day: "Lost" by Highly Suspect

Tina Mar 24, 2015

We all need a dose of some good ol' rock n' roll every now and then. Brooklyn via-Cape Cod progressive rock trio, Highly Suspect, can fill that void.

Comprised of Johnny Stevens (guitar/vocals/synths), Rich Meyer (bass/vocals), and Ryan Meyer (drums/vocals), the band is getting ready to release their debut LP, Mister Asylum, on July 14. Riding high off of the success of lead single, "Lydia," new track "Lost," has all the elements of a real rock banger with a few twists up their sleeves.

Check out "Lost" below:

Pre-order Mister Asylum HERE.


Zella Day Reveals 'Kicker' Album Details

Tina Mar 17, 2015

Ever since Zella Day burst onto the scene with her hippie/pop in "No Sleep To Dream" and "Hypnotic," we've been anxiously awaiting some debut album details! Today is the day, folks!

Zella Day's debut full-length, Kicker, will be available June 2 via Pinetop Records/Hollywood Records. Check out the album art and track listing below.

1. Jerome

2. High

3. Ace of Hearts

4. 1965

5. East of Eden

6. Hypnotic

7. Mustang Kids (feat. Baby E)

8. The Outlaw Josey Wales

9. Jameson

10. Shadow Preachers

11. Sweet Ophelia

12. Compass


Pre-order Kicker now HERE.


You Gotta Hear This: The New Division Unleash New Single, "Senseless"

Tina Mar 17, 2015

Riding high off of their 2014 release, Together We Shine, The New Division are getting ready to release their third full-length, Gemini, on June 2. Lead single, "Senseless," (out today) will give you chills for days, as the band takes on a darker, more seductive sound. It is June yet?!

Check out "Senseless" below:

Senseless EP is available now HERE.


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