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Album Review: SOS Capture Youth in Decline on Self-Titled Debut

Tina 19 hrs ago

Portland, OR duo, SOS (Shadows on Stars), comprised of Randa Leigh and Brian Vincent, are embarking on the creative journey of a lifetime. They released their self-titled debut album this week, and if my predictions are correct, they just might be the world's next new buzz band.

There's something about the power of youth that I just can't put my finger on, but as I get older, I find myself trying to hang on to it as long as possible, afraid of what I might be missing out on. Losing our youth scares us, yet it pushes us to strive for what we desire. SOS capture the essence of fleeting youth beautifully on their debut that will not only make you want to make up for lost time, but reflect on this period of your life despite how bittersweet it may taste. Basically, this album will make you want to live out loud, on impulse, despite what fear drills into your head.

With sexy R&B-tinged tracks that'll make newcomer Banks envious, it's pretty evident that this duo are on the right track. Hynotizing instrumentation on "Gorgeous" and the The xx-esque "Dead or Alive" are perfect for a night drive with someone special while "I Like That Ur Nice" plays on the welcoming 90's R&B throwback vibe that will please even the toughest of critics.

This debut is a fantastic stretch from what is fed to us daily. A vivid portrait of youth in decline and a visceral glimpse of a special period of life that most often than not gets wasted on fear, I think you'll find this album inspiring. After all, if not now, when?

SOS is available now HERE.


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WATCH: Roladex Release New Video, 'Glass Statuette'

Tina Sep 17, 2014

Roladex have unveiled a new video for single, "Glass Statuette" from their upcoming split 7'' out on September 25.

Check out the trippy synth-laden "Glass Statuette" video below:


Bands To Buzz About Summer '14 Round Up

Tina Sep 15, 2014

Fall is approaching, slowly but surely. There's a ton of new music coming your way, so stay tuned and keep on rockin'!

Here's what you might have missed this summer!


Walking Bicycles


The War On Drugs


The Peach Kings


Signal City


Twin Atlantic


††† (Crosses)







Stay tuned for more bands and artists to buzz about this fall!

Have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!


Song Of The Day: "Let's Shake" by Arum Rae

Tina Sep 11, 2014

Arum Rae, formerly known as White Dress, is getting ready to release her Waving Wild EP on November 4. She shared the first single, "Let's Shake," this week. Needless to say, it's gonna make you shake with all kinds of feels.

Check out "Let's Shake" below:


Song Of The Day: "Holograms" by Monogold

Tina Sep 10, 2014

Since their 2011 debut LP, Brooklyn's Monogold have been keeping busy touring with some pretty bad ass fellow acts like Hot Hot Heat, YACHT, and Bear Hands among others. They are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming EP, This Bloom, out this fall and have shared their spellbinding new single, "Holograms" with us.

Check out "Holograms" below:

This Bloom will be available November 11.


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Reviewed: Banks 'Goddess'

Tina Sep 09, 2014

Pop/R&B songstress, Banks, has that chills-down-your-spine-factor, and she definitely brings it on hardcore on her highly-anticipated debut, Goddess.

With bewitching bass lines and sweet melancholy melodies that would make TLC and Aaliyah proud, Jillian Banks has unleashed a classy monster of an album, and I have a feeling it only gets better from here.

Singing of heartbreak and shame ("Waiting Game") to intimidating the less fortune of beings, ("Brain") it's pretty clear that the singer's usual enigmatic demeanor holds more force than what's shown on the surface. She lets the music speak for itself. Her voice, angelic yet unapologetic, channels Nelly Furtado which is hard to ignore yet ultimately satisfying to say the least.

Naming her album "Goddess" was quite clever. Jam packed with empowering girl power anthems of the introverted, some might actually start coming out of hiding and finally start to make some noise. Good riddance! Ladies, this is the album you're going to be quoting cryptically on social media. Watch out, boys!

Needless to say, Banks' debut can only be described as its title. You better get this.


Goddess is available now HERE.


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LISTEN: Teeel Unveils 'Disk Go' From Upcoming Release

Tina Sep 08, 2014

New Jersey electro mastermind Jim Smith, better known as Teeel, has unveiled a new track from his upcoming release, Hydrostatic, out on September 9. "Disk Go" is equal parts playful and infectious from start to finish. Get your 'dancing shoes on!'

Stream "Disk Go" below:

Hydrostatic will be available September 9.


Song Of The Day: "My Little Match" by Dreamers

Tina Sep 05, 2014

Brooklyn's Dreamers (formerly known as Motive) have a nostalgic sound all their own that challenges your preconceived notions about Brooklyn bands. With their own unique brand of grunge and 70's-esque punk, Dreamers are exceeding expectations in a major way.

Take a listen to "My Little Match" below:

This Album Doesn't Exist is set to be released later this year.


From The Indie Vault: JEEN

Tina Sep 05, 2014

JEEN - For fans of: Warpaint, The Like, Brody Dalle

Canadian indie/pop artist, JEEN, has that old-timey alt-rock/punky vibe going on that just makes you want to blast her album really loud while lounging around the backyard. She's collaborated with Serena Ryder, Great Big Sea and is currently a member of Cookie Duster. Her songs have been used in many ad compaigns as well as various TV programs such as Instant Star, Degrassi and Ruby Gloom.

Check out "Buena Vista" from her album, Tourist, below:

Official / Facebook / Twitter


Want to be featured in From The Indie Vault? Find out how here.


Transient Youth: Interview with TWICEYOUNG

Tina Sep 04, 2014

Nashville trio, TWICEYOUNG, not only have a lot to say, but they want you to feel something. Their upcoming sophomore EP, Prefer You, out this fall, is a stunning array of exquisite ethereal instrumentation that both ignites a personal spark and opens up old wounds only to heal them again beautifully. Music should send chills down your spine, and once I heard single, "Uncover," I knew I had to reel these guys in and get some answers.

I got to chatting with the band on songwriting processes, the power of youth that fueled their name, and what we can expect to hear in the future.

For those not familiar, tell us about yourselves. Why the name TWICEYOUNG and what does it embody?

Well the three of us met via other bands we'd been a part of or played shows with over the years. About two years ago we got into a studio and began writing for fun, more or less. Over time we started taking the project more seriously and thus was born our first EP, Little Mind Alike. Personally, as a writer I'm pretty obsessed with the concept of time and of aging. Youth and fleeting youth is a pretty bizarre thing to wrap your mind around, and it's something we all share in common; losing our time. This is where the name "TWICEYOUNG" came from. 

How does your upcoming EP differ from Little Mind Alike? What was your initial vision when starting to create Prefer You?

Little Mind Alike was incredibly experimental for us. Sonically we ended up going in a more organic "band" direction. And lyrically we focused on stories and more complete ideas. Prefer You is nearly the opposite, as its focus is on emotion and tends to avoid story telling. It dives right to the heart of a thought or a moment. Each song is somewhat of a collage. Our first single from the EP, "Uncover" is a great example. It brings several different moments and experiences together and focuses on a singular emotion. Also, we were super excited to move in a more electronic direction with this one. We wanted to create something that jumped back and forth between orchestral and dark electronic/pop. 

You've stated that "Uncover" is a combination of other songs and ideas that came together to form one. Is your songwriting process normally like that or is it more structured?

Typically our process is something like assembling a puzzle. Each section of a song is created to be its own thing. I'm bothered by a song that falls flat without "the chorus"; it shouldn't need to support the weight of the rest of the track. It's just a matter of giving the song some breathing room to speak for itself. This usually takes a lot of time but there's a natural flow to it.

What was the defining moment when you knew you wanted to make music? Any influences that pushed that dream along?

We've all grown up listening to the classics. I remember getting my first Strat when I was 12 and playing along to The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, ect. It's always been there. Writing music just feels like a natural response to experiencing life. 

What are you guys listening to lately? Give us your top 5 faves!

Still obsessed with 'Overgrown' by James Blake, Kimbra's new record The Golden Echo rules, Purity Ring, Wet, and the new stuff from Banks is pretty sweet.

Prefer You will be available on November 11.


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