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Song Of The Day: "Ocean" by King Deco

Tina 6 hrs ago

Jordanian-born Dana Salah began her journey singing, writing and producing shortly after her move to the US. In 2013, she invented her "King Deco" persona and is currently working on new music. Her single, "Ocean," co-written by Kinetics and produced by One Love and Cobra Starship's Ryland Blackinton, gives off promising vibes with a splash of R&B, pop and euphoria.

Check out "Ocean" below:

Tigris is available now HERE.


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WATCH: Melanie Martinez Premieres Creepy 'Carousel' Video


BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Listen to LAYNE's New Single, 'Warrior'

Tina 7 hrs ago

Indie/pop artist, LAYNE, is ready to take the world by storm with her "agropop" sound and Hayley Williams-esqe vocals.

Hailing from Rapid City, SD via Los Angeles, teen singer/songwriter Layne Putnam has a clear vision of what she wants to deliver on her forthcoming EP, Warrior. Her goal was to write the type of songs that have inspired her through her life. "It's always amazed me that a song written by someone after intense heartbreak or loss can change the life of someone else. It is somewhere I can always go to not feel alone, and I want others to meet me there."

Check out "Warrior" below:

 Warrior will be available on January 2, 2015.



WATCH: Tiny Stills Premiere Puppet-Friendly '15-17 Months' Video

Tina Oct 17, 2014

You might remember Tiny Stills from their From The Indie Vault feature this past summer. The band just released an adorable new video for the song "15-17 Months" featuring puppets as singer Kailynn West's backup band and love interest. More bands need to hop on the puppet bandwagon these days. Watching that little guy shove Froot Loops in his mouth was highly amusing. This dancey indie/pop gem is taken from their debut album, Fear Is Like Flying, out now.

Check out "15-17 Months" below:

Fear Is Like Flying is available now HERE.


WATCH: Melanie Martinez Premieres Creepy 'Carousel' Video!

Tina Oct 16, 2014

If you found yourself wondering who sang that catchy yet haunting song from the American Horror Story: Freak Show promos, look no further.

Melanie Martinez first dazzled us with her unique voice and bashful stage presence on NBC's third season of The Voice where she dominated on Team Adam. Now, the singer is showing the world what she's made of with her debut Dollhouse EP.

Featured as one of our Artists To Buzz About this past spring, Martinez shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. She just premiered her video for the eerily-pleasing, "Carousel." The song, produced and co-written by Kinetics and One Love, fits in perfectly with the Halloween season.

Check out the video for "Carousel" below:

Dollhouse is available now HERE.


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You Gotta Hear This: Young Tongue Premieres 'Heavy Metal Thunder'

Tina Oct 15, 2014

Austin, TX indie/dreampop outfit, Young Tongue, are getting ready to release their debut LP, Death Rattle, on November 11. To get you hyped, the band has released a shimmery new single, "Heavy Metal Thunder," for your listening pleasure. This one's a goodie!

Check out "Heavy Metal Thunder" below:

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From The Indie Vault: New Myths


From The Indie Vault: New Myths

Tina Oct 14, 2014

New Myths - For fans of: HAIM, Warpaint, The xx

All-girl indie/rock band New Myths, comprised of Brit Boras, Rosie Slater and Marina Ross, are burning up Brooklyn with their haunting and ethereal vocals and killer chill-inducing melodies. With so much hype built around their newly released debut album, Give Me Noise, I was shocked to find that the trio was unsigned. Someone snatch these girls up! Maybe an opening spot for HAIM?

'Haunting' doesn't even begin to describe the sound of their debut. Cleverly released in October, this has the potential to be a Halloween party playlist favorite and a companion for midnight graveyard visits...if you're into that sort of thing.

Check out the video for "False Gold" below:

Give Me Noise is available now HERE.


Official - Facebook - Twitter


Want to be featured in From The Indie Vault? Find out how here.


Song Of The Day: "Classic" by Celeste

Tina Oct 14, 2014

Pop singer/songwriter Celeste hails from Birmingham, AL but now resides in Brooklyn, and her "drip hop" sound reflects her big move while combining every genre with a fresh new voice behind it. You might even remember her under the name Monarchs which featured the singer's talents in a folky/soul aesthetic.

Check out "Classic" below:

More Please will be available October 28.


Stay tuned for more on Celeste next week!


LISTEN: Michelle Branch Covers a Radiohead Classic

Tina Oct 10, 2014

It's been quite a while since pop/rock singer/songwriter Michelle Branch released any new material. Fans have been eagerly anticipating news on her next album, and things were looking pretty bleak until recently. The singer recently recorded a cover of Radiohead's classic weirdo anthem, "Creep," for the new CBS drama, Stalker, and now fans are craving more! No news yet on a new Branch album, but we'll be standing by until then.

Check out Michelle's cover of "Creep" below:


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You Gotta Hear This: Scissors For Lefty Share 'Werewolf' From Forthcoming LP


You Gotta Hear This: Scissors For Lefty Share 'Werewolf' From Forthcoming LP

Tina Oct 10, 2014

San Francisco five-piece Scissors For Lefty are gearing up to release their upcoming Bangs For Lashes LP later this month. Riding high off of their first single, title track "Bangs For Lashes," the band has shared second single, "Werewolf," this week. The track oozes dirty glam and Halloween-esque feels. Add this one to your Halloween party playlist and you'll do no wrong.

Check out "Werewolf" below:

Bangs For Lashes will be available October 28.


Song Of The Day: "The Intro" by Robbie Maxx

Tina Oct 08, 2014

New Jersey's Robbie Maxx's influences range from Eminem to Adele to The Beatles. He's about to release TheThroneTape on October 24.

Check out "The Intro" below:


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