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Artist To Buzz About Spring '14: Iggy Azalea

Tina 1 hr ago

Australian beauty Iggy Azalea is rap's newest sensation and she sure knows how to keep em' on their toes. Her music video for "Fancy" is a Clueless throwback at it's finest. She just released her debut album, The New Classic, and it is sure to turn heads and make waves.

If you haven't hopped on the Iggy train, I suggest you do it now!

The New Classic is available now HERE.


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Current Obsession: Iggy Azalea!


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Album Review: Neon Trees 'Pop Psychology'

Tina 21 hrs ago

Neon Trees released their third album, Pop Psychology, today and I just want to hold it in my arms forever. I purposely avoided streaming the album before it's release date so that I can experience it for the first time like I used to before temptation to stream became such a spoiler. Boy am I glad I waited.

Blending 80's pop with the sounds of today, Pop Psychology is a delightful modern twist to the band's influences - and like their past albums, Habits and Picture Show, it gets better with every listen.

Opening track, "Love In The 21st Century," is pop at it's best with truthful prose of the nonsense of the digital age. Singer Tyler Glenn sings of the trivial issues of a 21st century relationship that we all seem to dwell on. Love doesn't have to be hard, but we complicate things by not being direct and hiding behind a screen. "Text Me In The Morning" is another infectious pop anthem that will be a crowd pleaser on the Trees upcoming tour, for sure!

Leading single, "Sleeping With a Friend," has that comforting old school Neon Trees feel yet with a powerful jolt that allows it to stand apart from previous chart-toppers from the band. "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" is pure frankness. We've all wanted to say it at some point - luckily for us, Tyler just did.

One thing is for sure, nostalgia is a major theme with Glenn, as a lot of his material stems from teenage love and angst that we all seem to carry around with us longer than we care to. "Teenager In Love," "Voices In The Halls," and "Foolish Behavior" dance around that notion with a somber 'why won't the right one love me?' feel that still lingers on. "I don't know if it's good, I've been misunderstood most of my whole damn life."

My favorite track, "Unavoidable," featuring the vocals of drummer and all-around bad ass Elaine Bradley, makes me want to lay on a neon pink cloud all day. Songs don't get much better than this, folks. The unavoidable truth of attraction is deadly yet so eye-opening if we just follow it and see where it leads. Can they release this one as a single, please?

"Living In Another World" is my new personal anthem. This one's for all the beautiful freaks out there who just can't seem to catch a break in this harsh world, so why not create another one? With lyrics like, "There are nights I feel like I could die. Four chords and a beat keep me alive," it's hard not to relate. Tyler Glenn, you are a beast and I salute you.

Closing out the album, "First Things First" is a sort of 'coming of age' anthem, if you will. We all go through the motions of growing into the people we are meant to be - some at later ages than others, but through it all, you still can't get what you want unless you get what you deserve. "There were days and nights I couldn't see the end and I swear that music was my only friend."

After pouring over the album booklet in all it's colorful shiny glory and reading through the liner notes, my love for physical copies of music grew, if that's even possible. I urge you all to experience Pop Psychology through your own eyes, not a screen or a little device. Neon Trees have really outdone themselves with this one. 80's pop for the 21st century with a surge of upbeat energy to keep you starry eyed and hopeful until the next album. Well done, guys!


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Synth Saturday (4-19-14)

Tina Apr 19, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend.

Enjoy this week's Synth Saturday playlist! If you're going on a road trip, this just might make your trip even more memorable. :)

Song Of The Day: "Vigilante" by Kai Exos

Tina Apr 18, 2014

Kai Exos is about to make his mark in the music world. Seamlessly blending Motown-era soul, jazz and late 1970's lo-fi rock, Exos manages to stand out from the masses. Today's Song of The Day, "Vigilante," was produced by the team most notably recognized for their work on Ziggy Marley's Dragonfly.

Take a listen:

Purchase "Vigilante" on iTunes HERE.

Kai Exos' forthcoming LP, Telegraph, will be released June 10.


Nostalgia To The Max: 2009 Playlist

Tina Apr 17, 2014

2009 was the year of Disney darlings. Demi Lovato released her second album, Selena Gomez made her musical debut with her band, The Scene, the Jonas Brothers were known as worldwide heartthrobs, Miley Cyrus was having a 'party in the USA,' Owl City made his mark on Top 40, Boys Like Girls were drunk on love and Honor Society just wanted to know where the hell you were. All in all, it was a memorable year for pop.

Let's go back to 2009 on this Throwback Thursday!

WATCH: 'If I Stay' Movie Trailer Starring Chloe Grace Moretz Is Here!

Tina Apr 15, 2014

It's finally here! The movie trailer for the highly anticipated feature film, If I Stay, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley, premiered today! The film is based on the critically acclaimed novel by Gayle Forman.

Plot summary:

If I Stay is the story of the gifted classical musician Mia (Moretz) and her boyfriend, Adam, an up and coming indie-rock star. Torn between two paths in life, her art or her relationship, Mia is forced to make an even starker choice between life and death when she is caught in a fatal car accident with her family one snowy morning in Oregon.

Watch the trailer below:

If I Stay hits theaters on August 22!



Are you excited for If I Stay?


The 10 Most Underrated Garbage Songs

Tina Apr 15, 2014

Garbage has been the most influential band in my life, not to mention of the 90's. From the impressionable age of 13, I re-discovered their music and latched on tight. Since then, I’ve become a stronger, better person, thanks to the words and strength of front woman Shirley Manson.

Like most bands, singles seem to be the driving force in any band’s career with a rather large catalog. While every Garbage single is special in its own way, and a delight to hear live time after time, I decided to shake things up a bit and dive into the bottom of the treasure chest to dig out the gems that seem to go unnoticed. These are the top ten most underrated Garbage songs, in my opinion.

10. “A Stroke of Luck”

Taken from their 1995 self-titled debut, “A Stroke of Luck” has always resonated with me but I’m not entirely sure why; maybe it’s the haunting aesthetic or Shirley Manson’s vocals. As I’ve gotten older, I understand it more than I did when I was 13 and just starting to dive in to Garbage’s catalog. Either way, this song does not get the recognition it deserves, especially live.

"Don't ask me why. Don't even try."

9. “Sugar”

Fairly new, from their most recent 2012 release, Not Your Kind of People, “Sugar” kind of takes on the vibe of “A Stroke of Luck” in a sense. If you don’t get a cold chill running down your spine while listening, then maybe you need to dig deeper.

"Some sugar to hook her on..."

8. “Medication”

From their 1998 sophomore effort, Version 2.0, “Medication” has always been a favorite. Version 2.0 was the first Garbage album I bought and this song caught my attention during the first listen. Being 13 at the time, in a school I felt was like a penitentiary, along with teenage angst, the chorus of this song was pretty much written on the back of every notebook I owned. I’d kill to hear this one live.

"Nobody gives a damn about me or anybody else."

7. “Cup of Coffee”

Taken from 2001’s highly underrated, Beautifulgarbage, the raw honesty in “Cup of Coffee” is gut wrenchingly painful to listen to – which makes it one of Garbage’s best. After listening to this song at 13, I remember being so terrified of falling in love and having it end in shambles that even to this day, I crumble at the thought of it. It's like she was preparing me for what was to come, without sugarcoating it. Manson wasn’t kidding in this one, describing every distraught emotion so impeccably that you can’t help but imagine yourself as a train wreck after a breakup.

"It took a cup of coffee to prove that you don't love me."

6. “Run Baby Run”

Taken from 2005’s Bleed Like Me, "Run Baby Run" is a reminder that who we are on the inside outshines what they want us to be on the outside. This album came out when I was 16, and this track mirrored exactly how I was feeling at the time, and even now. Living in a big, dirty city can either make or break you. Luckily, I’ve seen both sides and I found out who I was in the process. But sometimes, no matter how you feel about it, you just need to run and find a safe place to hide, even for a little while.

"You can keep it pure on the inside, and you know what you believe to be right. So you're not gonna crack, no you're never gonna crack."

5. “Hammering In My Head”

From 1998’s Version 2.0, “Hammering In My Head” takes on a role of its own. I remember playing this song for friends back in 2003 and the looks of terror and confusion on their faces is forever implanted in my mind, which I look back on with amusement. Garbage had a way of making music that was before their time. Not many bands were doing what they were doing in 1998, and now, with the rise of EDM, we are seeing more artists with the beat bug come out of the woodwork more than ever. I just wish they paid homage to their predecessors.

"A hammering in my head don't stop in the bullet train from Tokyo to Los Angeles."

4. “Metal Heart”

By far the most blood-pumping track on Bleed Like Me, “Metal Heart” has become a crowd favorite at Garbage shows, but I still find it to be underrated somehow. The lyrics are by far my favorite from Bleed Like Me and I think they show us more about the world than we’d like to see.

"I wish I had a metal heart. I could cross the line. I wish that I was half as good as you think I am."

3. “The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”

I really wanted to use this one as the number one underrated Garbage song, but I’m trying not to be biased. From Version 2.0, “The Trick Is To Keep Breathing” is the most influential Garbage song in their discography for me. I owe my life to this song and this band. I even teared up when I finally witnessed it performed live in front of my very eyes in May 2012. It describes me and everything I am, blending who I used to be with the person I am to become. I just wish it was given more credit.

"Maybe you'll get what you want this time around."

2. “Milk”

From their debut, “Milk” is probably one of Garbage’s most underrated singles. I’ll admit, I wasn’t much of a fan at the beginning, but like everything else, experience makes you see things in a whole new light. As mentioned before, there’s a pretty good chance you didn’t hear many songs like this on Top 40 radio in 1996. The song’s music video captures the beauty of “Milk” while taking it to another level. If you don’t get the chills while listening, check your hearing.

"I am lost so I am cruel, but I'd be love and sweetness if I had you."

1. “Breaking Up The Girl”

From Beautifulgarbage, this is probably the most mainstream sounding Garbage will ever care to get…and I friggin’ LOVE it! I read somewhere that Shirley actually hates this song (don’t know how true that is) which can probably explain why you’ll never hear it live, but I can’t get enough of it. The lyrics are so Garbage and so on point; I can’t fathom why she would dislike it so much but it definitely meets all the criteria to be considered as the number one most underrated Garbage song. Plus, the music video is magical in the sense that they just don't make them like this anymore.

"In a modern culture, my friend you must be careful. They've a million ways to kill you."

LISTEN: Lana Del Rey Debuts New Single, 'West Coast'

Tina Apr 14, 2014

Dramatic darling Lana Del Rey is back with a brand new single, "West Coast."

Listen below:

"West Coast" is set to be featured on Lana's forthcoming album, Ultraviolence, due out later this year with collaborations from The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.

Song Of The Day: "Paint It Gold" by Fake Shark - Real Zombie!

Tina Apr 14, 2014

Happy Monday, BUZZNET!

If you're still longing for the weekend, today's Song of the Day should put you in a good mood. I was sent "Paint It Gold" by Fake Shark - Real Zombie! this weekend and I've been jamming to it every chance I get. Play this one at your next BBQ and you'll have your neighbors hooked too. Get ready to get addicted to this one!

Liar EP is available HERE.

Literally Literary: Spotlight on Tyler Knott Gregson

Tina Apr 11, 2014

There are writers and poets who just get it. Then, there are writers and poets who are so on point, you have no choice but to feel like maybe they've been reading your diary. If you're an avid Tumblr user, or just a fan of knowing you're not alone, you might be familiar with the work of Tyler Knott Gregson. About a year ago, I stumbled upon one of Gregson's Typewriter Series poems (#514 to be exact) that took my breath away. Intrigued, I did some research and found out that not only is Gregson a well-versed poet (pun intended) but he's also an incredible artist, photographer and has a big heart for charity. In September, he will be releasing his first book, Chasers of the Light: Poems from The Typewriter Series.

It's incredibly comforting to find fellow writers who share the same perspective and who know how to play with words in a way no writer has dared to try before. I had the opportunity to interview Tyler Knott Gregson on creativity, those little things we call 'muses,' and what kind of legacy he wants to leave.

When and how did you get your start writing?

- I think I've been writing just about as long as I can remember. I recently found an old folder of childhood school stuff that my Mom saved, and I got a great laugh about how much I used to write as a little kid. Poems, little stories, just always needing to get on the outside what was stuck on the inside. I think I fell more in love with poetry when I was around 12 and I have never stopped. I always feel like I have too many words inside, and writing is the only pressure release valve I know to feel better. The writing has always been for me, really, and me alone, as it was healing. The fact that people read, relate, and sometimes enjoy, is all new to me, and to be honest, it's curious to me.

Your writing is very different from anything I've ever seen. Sometimes it's hard to find the right words, and your work pinpoints everything beautifully. Describe what's going through your mind while crafting your poems. How do you feel after you've written one?

- I like hearing this, I really do. For me, I think with my writing two things kind of always inherently take place, even if I do not mean them to. I write of big things, big moments, big broad scary overwhelming intense passionate life-changing terrifying and amazing things, in a very small way, reducing them to maybe only a line or two, OR, I take very small things, tiny glances of a moment or a whisper or a millisecond of life, and I write of it as big, broad, huge and life changing. Big into little and little into big. I don't know why or how this came to be, as I don't really feel I have control over it. I had a discussion just the other night with my friend Gregory about art, and what it is to create it, and the (what we believe to be) misconception that art is made for others. While some is, in my case, and in his as a musician, we create what we do out of necessity for ourselves. It's a way for us to cope, and so when we are asked about our processes, or if we plan on improving, we never know how to answer as we do it because we have to, not because we want to get good at something. If this makes any sense. My mind when I am writing one usually isn't even entirely present, it's more of a frantic rush to get the thoughts down so I can stop carrying them, so when I am done I feel better. I feel empty, but in the best way.

It's quite obvious that a muse sparks your creativity. What or whom inspires you?

- Ahh, where's the fun in that? I am constantly inspired, and I think I have a lot of muses. People I know and love, the love of people I know and love for those that they love, tiny moments that move me in big ways, nature, lightning, living things and the little pulse of life I feel when I interact with them, everything. Clearly some are more pointed than others, and sometimes I am just writing about the life I so desperately want to be living. Some words come from having, some come from needing. It's more fun to leave which are which up to the person reading. I do apologize if this is cryptic haha.

You work with Sevenly to raise awareness about various causes near to your heart. Tell us how that partnership came about and what we can do to help.

- I actually work with a LOT of charities, large and small, and I do my best to use my social media following for positive things that give back to people that need help, money, love, support. I love "selling out" when it's for a cause like that. Sevenly and I have worked together for about a year, and actually we are going to be slowing down on our partnership this summer, but they continue to do amazing things for amazing charities. It's been just as big a blessing to work with charities like Two Wings, a brilliant charity in Southern California run by my friend Elena, that helps women who were victims of sex trafficking, PoverTees, another Los Angeles based charity that helps get homeless people off the streets and empowering them to change their lives. I also work with Cozy Courage, two wonderful women who give away the most ridiculously amazing vintage blankets to gets going through chemotherapy, and Krochet Kids, a charity that employs and empowers women in Peru and Uganda to make hand-knit products and support themselves and their families. I love it. I have so many other charities I am an active part of, from FreeTibet.org to World Wildlife Fund and I hope over the next few years my involvement can grow and grow and grow. I just encourage people to read, research, learn, and give. Maybe it's the Buddhist in me, but I think compassion is vital. Always.

What do you hope people take away from your work? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

- Honestly, I have never thought of this. I don't know if anything I do WILL stick around long enough to leave a legacy. I guess I just want to be known as someone who did the best he could with what he had, and was honest even when it hurt.


Pre-order Chasers of the Light: Poems from The Typewriter Series here.

For more on Tyler Knott Gregson visit TylerKnott.com.

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