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LISTEN: Stream Elephant Stone's 'The Three Poisons'

Tina 8 hrs ago

Elephant Stone are gearing up to release their sophomore album, The Three Poisons, this Monday, August 25, but have decided to spill the beans early and give you a full album stream for your listening pleasure! This one's a goodie, folks!

Stream the entire Three Poisons album below:

Pre-order The Three Poisons HERE.


Catch Elephant Stone on tour next month!

09/08 Burlington VT - Monkey House (Tickets)

09/09 New York NY - Mercury Lounge (Tickets)

09/10 Washington DC - Black Cat (Tickets)

09/11 Brooklyn NY - Rock Shop (Tickets)

09/12 Philadelphia PA - Milk Boy (Tickets)

09/13 Asbury Park NJ - The Saint (Tickets)



Song Of The Day: "New York" by Zak Downtown

Tina 12 hrs ago

If you haven't heard of Zak Downtown yet, don't worry - you will. The New York native has been gaining major buzz online with his infectious hip-hop/rap and pop hooks. Watch out Macklemore!

In his latest track, "New York," Downtown teamed up with DJ Fresh Direct to pay homage to the city that built him, along with a nostalgic sampling of 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." to form an energetic and fresh new anthem for the city that never sleeps.

Listen to "New York" below:


From The Indie Vault: Tiny Stills

Tina Aug 21, 2014

Tiny Stills - For fans of: Rilo Kiley, Tegan & Sara, Say Anything

Tiny Stills' frontwoman Kailynn West has been a DIY musician since the age of 13. After building up a strong following as a solo artist, especially on YouTube, West is now branching out with a little help from her friends.

Tiny Stills are "happy angry indie rock" that blend their influences from Say Anything to Rilo Kiley into a lovely array of infectious sounds and harmonies. Their debut album, Fear Is Like Flying, is set to drop sometime this year.

Check out their debut video for "Starting Over" below:

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Listen to Sneakout's Anthemic 'The Art of Hanging On'

Tina Aug 20, 2014

LA's Robert Fleming is the mastermind behind the awesomeness that is Sneakout. After making music under the Victory moniker, Fleming found himself smack dab in the middle of commercial success, being featured in ads for Cadillac, Burberry, Apple and even an episode of HBO's Girls. Now, continuing on the success of Victory (and it was sweet), Sneakout is a new play on something that broke boundaries with fuzzy pop goodness.

Check out "The Art of Hanging On" below:

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LISTEN: Stream Casey Jack's Self-Titled LP!


LISTEN: The New Division Release 'Together We Shine' Remix Album

Tina Aug 20, 2014

The New Division have released a remix album to their sophomore effort, Together We Shine, this week. If you thought the original was flawless, wait until you hear it's companion! The band is even set to release an EP of brand new material titled, Gemini, sometime at the end of the year. I'm convinced singer/producer John Kunkel isn't human.

Until then, enjoy the glorious John Glenn Progressive "England" remix featuring Keep Shelly in Athens below:

Together We Shine - Remixes are available now HERE.



Hey Kids, This Is What REAL EDM Sounds Like!


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WATCH: HAIM Parodies 90's Talk Shows in Wacky 'My Song 5' Video!

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Song Of The Day: "Dead or Alive" by SOS

Tina Aug 19, 2014

Portland's SOS are getting ready to release their self-titled debut on September 16. This week, they've released a playful yet hypnotic track from the album, "Dead or Alive," that is perfect for a summer wind-down reminiscent of The xx meets Banks.

Listen to "Dead or Alive" below. Free download available!

LISTEN: Stream Casey Jack's Self-Titled LP!

Tina Aug 19, 2014

Casey Jack is getting ready to release his ferocious self-titled debut album on August 26 via Rough Beast Records. Filled with infectious garage/punk melodies and loud guitars, this is the album you'll want to play while savoring the last days of summer.

Stream Casey Jack's album below:


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WATCH: HAIM Parodies 90's Talk Shows in Wacky 'My Song 5' Video!

Tina Aug 19, 2014

Just this past weekend, I literally thought, "I wish HAIM would make another video." Well, oddly enough my wish came true!

The California sister trio released their 90's-talk-show parody-esque music video for Days Are Gone banger, "My Song 5," starring an all-star cast. With Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer as a wacky talk show host Dallas Murphy, Kesha and a precious kitty, along with a Johnny Depp look-alike audience member that just so happens to be Ezra Koenig, Grimes, Big Sean, and of course, guest rapper A$AP Ferg.

Check out "My Song 5" below:

Days Are Gone is available now HERE.


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WATCH: Taylor Swift Unleashes New Single, 'Shake It Off' + Album Details!

Band To Buzz About Summer '14: Kitten


WATCH: Taylor Swift Unleashes New Single, 'Shake It Off' + Album Details!

Tina Aug 18, 2014

Get ready Swifties! Taylor Swift is back with a new album and single for your listening pleasure! Every two years, we are graced with a new Taylor Swift album, and this one, which is Swift's fifth studio release, is sure to be jam-packed with more sass and infectious fun than her last - 2012's Red.

1989, which is Miss. Swift's birth year, is set to be released on October 27. Today, during her Yahoo! Worldwide Live Stream, Taylor revealed the first single, radio's next hit, "Shake It Off," along with it's get-up-and-dance music video, which features Taylor trying on a bunch of different personas and addressing some not-too-nice words that have been thrown her way. Of course, her response is to just 'shake it off' and twerk. Kind of.

The response to "Shake It Off" has been groundbreaking. Twitter is blowing up with feedback on the song, both positive and negative. All I can say is that this is only the album's first single. I'm pretty confident that 1989 offers more of the hard-hitting material that we all love from Taylor. Hang on, kiddos! The best is yet to come! After all, Ed Sheeran said so.

Watch "Shake It Off" below:

Pre-order 1989 HERE!


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Song Of The Day: "Blister" by The Black Delta Movement

Tina Aug 18, 2014

Neo-psychedelia band, The Black Delta Movement, released their Ghost Dance EP this past December and it's a real treat! With just enough Brit rock to hold us over until a full-length, this band has what it takes to shake things up a bit.

Check out the video for "Blister" below:

Ghost Dance is available now HERE.


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