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Song Of The Day: "Burn It To the Ground" By Stef Lang

Tina Jul 06, 2015

Stef Lang is your new pop obsession. Navigating between pop, R&B and electronic influences, Lang is making her way to the top of the industry charts. The singer was featured as Billboard's Top 5 Emerging Artists and hit number one on the Billboard Dance charts. Today's track of choice, "Burn It To The Ground," will be featured on Lang's forthcoming EP, Arrows Part 1.

Check out "Burn It To The Ground" below:

From The Indie Vault: Queen Ella

Tina Jul 01, 2015

Queen Ella - For fans of: Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis

New York's Queen Ella is a full-time singer/songwriter bound to break some barriers. The singer put aside her career in international business to pursue a music career. Did we mention she's ballsy? Gotta love that. She has permorning since the age of 4 and has been on some pretty prestigious stages, including NY's Apollo Theater and Metropolitan Room, respectively.

Check out the singer's EXIT 144 EP below:

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Song Of The Day: "I Could Have Been Someone" by MAY

Tina Jul 01, 2015

No, it is not Lana Del Rey but a more jazzier, soulful voice to get excited about. Meet May, a new up-and-comer who's bound to seduce you with her silky vocals and rich aesthetic within the first listen. Need more proof? Just press play.

Check out "I Could Have Been Someone" below:

LISTEN: "Cruel Love" By Scarlet Baxter

Tina Jun 30, 2015

Scarlet Baxter has unleashed her new single, "Cruel Love," and its a banger, for sure. Top 40-worthy in every way, the track invokes a sort of 90's dance and R&B revival similar to Kiesza that I'm sure you guys can get nostalgic about.

Listen to "Cruel Love" below:

Artist To Buzz About: Halsey

Tina Jun 29, 2015

Up-and-comer, Halsey is a full-blown hurricane; at least that's what she proclaims in her hauntingly seductive track, "Hurricane," off of her smash Room 93 EP. Her alias is an anagram of her first name, Ashley Frangipane, and is also a stop on Brooklyn's L train - a place the singer grabbed a  lot of inspiration from. The New Jersey-born singer is getting ready to release her debut album, Badlands, on August 28, teasing us with taste after taste of what's to come with new single, "Hold Me Down," and a video for the Ellie Goulding-esque, "Ghost."

Check out the video for "Ghost" below:

Pre-order Badlands HERE.

Band To Buzz About: COIN

Tina Jun 26, 2015

If you haven't yet heard the upbeat, summery sounds of Nashville's COIN, you're in for a real treat!

Comprised of Chase Lawrence, Joe Memmel, Ryan Winnen and Zachary Dyke, COIN specialize in fun, upbeat jams guaranteed to make you swoon while dancing around your room like a starry-eyed tween. Oh wait. That's just me? OK.

The band recently released their self-titled debut album and are currently on tour with pop superstars, Neon Trees, this summer. Check out their video for "Run" below.

Tour dates can be found here.

Coin is available now HERE.

LISTEN: Selena Gomez Debuts New Track, "Good For You" feat. A$AP Rocky

Tina Jun 22, 2015

Selenators across the map have been anticipating Selena Gomez's next album ever since last fall's greatest hits compilation, For You teased us with a little taste of "The Heart Wants What It Wants." Today, Gomez has finally shared what she's been working on this whole time and the wait was well worth it!

"Good For You" featuring rapper A$AP Rocky is already burning up the airwaves, with a soft electro/R&B vibe that we hope is a consistent theme throughout her upcoming new record. No word on a release date yet, but stay tuned for more right here on BUZZNET!

Listen to "Good For You" featuring A$AP Rocky below:

"Good For You" is available now HERE.

From The Indie Vault: NY Lights

Tina Jun 18, 2015

NY Lights - For fans of: Wilco, The Smiths, Arcade Fire

NY Lights are a 60's-influenced fivepiece hailing from none other than New York, but got their start in Sydney by multi-platinum record producer Philip A. Jimenez (Wheatus) and bassist Kathryn Froggatt. The band just released their new LP, Days Passed in Exile, last month and are gearing up for a bunch of summer shows around the tri-state area.

Check out the video for "Everyone Is Saying" below:

Days Passed In Exile is available now HERE.


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Song Of The Day: "Going Back" By Wolkoff & The Hood Internet

Tina Jun 18, 2015

Electro-dream artist Wolkoff (former vocalist of our favorite winter tunes, Her Habits) has teamed up with The Hood Internet to bring you a new summery jam titled, "Going Back," that is sure to put a swing in your step and a beachy vibe to your next soiree.

Wolkoff will be releasing her new EP, a collaboration with rising producer Icarus Moth, in late August.

Check out "Going Back" below:

Exclusive: Cody Crump Premieres NK Remix Of '1989' + Talks All Things Swift

Tina Jun 10, 2015

One listen to LA’s Cody Crump and you might as well be transported back to the late eighties. Crump has just recently released an EP titled, Death, but don’t let the title fool you. While the EP may have some welcome doom and gloom, it also touches on that dark yet pleasant, Depeche Mode-esque vibe bound to be craved by new-wavers everywhere.

While 80’s synthpop is all the rage at the moment, there are bound to be some creative similarities thrown into the mix every now and then. Crump’s recent single, “1989,” mirrors the same title as reigning new queen of pop, Taylor Swift, (personally, I think it encapsulates the true meaning of the decade better than Swift’s notion) but make no mistake on authenticity here.

Buzznet is happy to premiere the NK remix of Cody Crump’s “1989” below, which, described by Crump, "is about the circle of life. Not unlike the fantastic song from ‘The Lion King’ sung by the legendary ‘Sir Elton John’, but less lions."

I got to chat with the rather bemusing electro rock god himself on all things music, 80’s and Taylor Swift. Turns out we both still have no idea what’s going on and he wants your bum to hurt. Wait..what?

No disrespect to Miss. Swift but I think your "1989" embodies what music was really about in that decade. Were you adament about releasing a song with the same title as Swift's album?

Thank you. I hope it embodies some of what I love about the music of that decade - while also bringing something new to the table. No - I wrote the song seven years ago, when she released her album I cried for seven days straight.

Your #CrumpandSwift Instagram series is hilarious! I hope she sees them. Any hopes for that one to turn into anything? :P

I honestly have no idea. We just thought we’d have a little fun with the fact that any time someone saw my song they would immediately think of Taylor Swift. I think she is immensely talented, and in a unique position. So who knows.. I mainly just want to know what it is like to french kiss a human…

I'm completely, madly in love with the synthpop genre, and I think it's so rad that our generation has not only revived what artists were trying to do in our birth years but improve it as well. What inspired this release and does it coincide with the music you grew up listening to?

I don’t remember exactly why I wrote it. I was listening to The Cure and Erasure, and had just moved to the city. I thought I was starting to understand the realities of growing up and what it really meant. Seven years later - I still have no idea what the hell is going on.

Anything you want listeners to know about "1989" and the remix we're premiering today?

I hope it makes people want to dance around till their butt cheeks hurt.

 The original version of "1989" is available on Cody Crump's Death EP here.

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