Artist To Buzz About Fall '14: Madi Diaz

I had the honor of seeing Madi Diaz open up for Echosmith last week at New York's Marlin Room at Webster Hall, and I must…
Tina Nov 21, 2014

Song Of The Day: "You and I" by American Darlings

Brooklyn's American Darlings have released their 90's indie-rock infused single, "You and I," and it's been getting a lot of buzz across the blogosphere. Recorded…
Tina Nov 20, 2014

WATCH: The Bulls Premiere Video for 'Come Unwound'

Los Angeles duo, The Bulls, have released the video to the song that grabbed our attention last month with its delightful shoegaze and brooding appeal…
Tina Nov 17, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Never Afraid" by Bo and The Locomotive

St. Louis' Bo and The Locomotive are getting ready to release their new LP, It's All Down Here From Here, on January 27. Today, they…
Tina Nov 14, 2014

Band To Buzz About Fall '14: Desert Noises

If you're in dire need of some unabashed rock n' roll, Provo, UT's Desert Noises have what you desire. What is it with Provo and…
Tina Nov 14, 2014

WATCH: Tears For Fears Perform 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tears For Fears are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their hit 1985 album, Songs From The Big Chair, with a brand new re-issue packed with…
Tina Nov 13, 2014

WATCH: WALLA Releases Inspiring 'The Kids are Alright' Video

WALLA has released a rather inspiring video for their pop/dance jam, "The Kids are Alright." About the song, the band stated: "The story of the…
Tina Nov 13, 2014

Band To Buzz About Fall '14: Broods

I'm not sure what took me so long to hop on the Broods bandwagon, but I'm glad I finally did. Maybe it was the promo…
Tina Nov 12, 2014

WATCH: Idgy Dean Unleashes 'The Indian Squirrel Dance' Video

Idgy Dean, (aka Lindsay Sanwald) is a creative storm brewing in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She is currently working with Eli Crews on her upcoming album, Ominous…
Tina Nov 11, 2014

You Gotta Hear This: Her Habits Shares First Single, 'Slip Away'

I was introduced to Her Habits today, and I'm pretty sure this is my next new music obsession. Canadian singer/songwriter Joanie Wolkoff has lived all over…
Tina Nov 10, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Sadness Is The Rich Man's Drug" by The Ropes

I don't think I've ever covered a band from Antarctica, so this is pretty rad! The Ropes, who just released their Sadness Is The Rich…
Tina Nov 10, 2014

Swift vs. Spotify: One Artist's Junk is Another's Treasure

*stands up* Hi. I’m Tina. I’m 26 years-old and I still buy CDs. In fact, I buy music all the time. I’m that nerd that goes…
Tina Nov 08, 2014
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